Stacey’s Sojourn with BSO

Black Seed Oil, that elixir of ancient days, that was touted as being able to cure anything but death, is one of the top items on my health and beauty go-to list. It has other names such as Nigella sativa, black cumin, black caraway, Roman coriander and kalonji, to name a few. But regardless of the name, adding the product to my daily regimen was a major SCORE!

The Farmer, my husband David, brought some home to try a few years ago. I’m sure I wrinkled my nose and asked what in the world black seed oil was.  It smelled funny, had a distinctly unpleasant taste, and I wasn’t too sure about it.  I figured if it only did one thing like help your joints or give you energy, I’d just keep using what I was already happy with. Talk about wrong first impressions!

I didn’t get on board immediately, at least as far as ingesting the stuff.  David had an effective first aid mixture that I’d use it on cuts and scratches because they would heal quicker with less scarring. (Pocket Oil because it’s always in his!)  Then we learned about two evils which are at the root of most health problems: Candida overgrowth and inflammation. I could wait a bit, I had my first visit at the clinic a few months away and would find out soon if those two were lurking in my body. (They were.)

Not long after David started taking it, I began noticing some changes, most noticeable was improved memory (can you relate, wives?). He mentioned several other good results and I was curious.  Could it be the oil?  I started reading black seed research results. I found it DID improve learning and memory.1  But that wasn’t all.

What a happy discovery! Black seed is abundant in Thymoquinone and has been documented to exhibit antioxidant2,  and anti-inflammatory properties3 and to control the overgrowth of Candida4. Article after article proved it could also be a cancer preventative,5,6,7  could eliminate natural and chemical toxins (good news when you’re a farming family),8 was antiviral,9 and showed great results as an allergy treatment.10  

Mamma didn’t raise an idiot. I got on board and started taking it!

At first, I went through a little nausea for about 30 minutes after taking it.  So I just backed off a bit on the amount (one ounce) and ate something before taking it.  I took it straight, too.  It was so bad that it overpowered whatever I tried, so I shot it like tequila and chased it with coffee. The Farmer says that the worse it tastes, the more your body needs it.  I believe him!  Now, I take it with PH Balancer, a liquid supplement, on an empty stomach.  No problem at all!

So what has it done for me?

40+ years of processed food, grains, bad fats, and loads of sugar had left me overweight with little energy. Thyroid issues kept my hands and feet icy, and stole my sleep accompanied by nightly intervals of hot flashes. Around 2009, I had eliminated anti-depressants, drugs for sleep and panic attacks, and hormone replacement. However, in 2012 I had a few anaphylactic shock episodes and was told to always carry an EpiPen.  My joints would still ache and swell often. Occasional migraines would have me begging for something to knock me out, either prescription drugs or a trip to the emergency room would do the trick.

Though I had lost about 15 pounds and was eating better, I still had these issues, but each step out gave me the desire to go further.  Little did I know this oil could take me leaps and bounds.

It”s been about five years now.  I’m 50, and I feel like 25 years have rolled off of me.  I have tons of energy and love to play outside like a kid again.  I even bought a swing set this summer and have taught my 8 year-old grandson how to flip out of the swing and hang from his knees on the trapeze bar.

Even though I was extra cautious not to get stung for a couple of years after getting the EpiPen, it was inevitable. I stepped on a huge wasp in 2015 and he drilled me good right on the bottom of my big toe! The last time I’d been stung, my eye, lip, and under my jaw went through a routine of swelling badly and the doctor told me that it would get worse with every sting.  It could even kill me.  But the only thing that was swollen was my toe. Since that day, I’ve been stung several times, even once at the corner of my eye. I have nothing beyond slight puffiness that goes away quickly.  Obviously, I am no longer allergic to bees and wasps!

My joints do not ache and swell, and when I do something strenuous, recovery time is extremely fast. A large, painful knot on my wrist (that I figured would eventually lead to carpal tunnel) has been gone so long that I don’t even remember when I last had it.  The same goes for fever blisters, infections, mouth ulcers, bruises that took forever to fade, as well as the migraines.

Hot flashes are pretty much nonexistent, I only get them if I eat the wrong grains for several meals in a row. I don’t take a hormone replacement, and am so pleased with life right now an anti-depressant wouldn’t know what to do in my body.  I haven’t had a curl-up-in-a-ball panic attack in years either.  And my libido has awaken to take on a new life.  Woohoo!

The wonderful properties of this oil not only do the inside of my body good, I have developed and been using hair and skincare products made with black seed oil since 2014.  (Which I will be offering soon!)

Today, I can honestly say that I feel as good as I did in my 20s, before the downward slide of my health and happiness started. I have lost 48 pounds, not with fad diets or strenuous workouts, but through mindful eating, active playing, keeping my body supplied with the right nutrients and using black seed oil.

Can you see why it’s at the top of my go-to list for health and beauty?  It’s an elixir I will never want to be without.  Which is why we are offering it.  I want more people to be able to experience better everything with black seed oil, too.