About Us

A Fit Farmer is a small family-owned business located in West Texas. We are an independent-minded bunch, who have a strong tendency to be conscientious about trying to use the freshest products in all aspects of our lives.  We felt this way about Black Seed Oil, a staple in our supplement cabinet, so in 2016 we bought a tiny press and a bag of seed.  We wanted to find out if fresh pressed oil was more desirable and worth the time and effort to make ourselves.  We immediately noticed the difference in the smell and taste of the oil, and of course we had to share a tad bit with those closest to us.  Reactions were the same as ours, and it didn’t take long to realize….we are going to need a bigger press! 

That was in February 2017, and by September we were ready to go public with the freshest black seed oil in West Texas.  Since then, we have added several other products to our store, all made with our oil in small batches with natural ingredients.  We are confident our products are high-quality and can compete with those on the market today.

 Whether you are just beginning the journey to a more fit lifestyle or are a seasoned traveler, we thank you for stopping by and visiting with A Fit Farmer!