About A Fit Farmer

We Think Fresh Is Best

A Fit Farmer is a small family-owned business located in West Texas. We are an independent-minded bunch, who have a strong tendency to be conscientious about trying to use the freshest products in all aspects of our lives. At A Fit Farmer, we are obsessed with the quality of products we use. We want our customers to have the best experience possible. One thing that sets us apart from others selling black seed oil is that we don’t ship processed oil from overseas, we get the seed and press it ourselves right here in west Texas. We store it in glass bottles to preserve the freshness so that our customers know they are getting the absolute freshest product possible.


What We Strive For

We felt that we should have the freshest wellness products in every aspect of our lives and knew we could accomplish that with our Black Seed Oil. So in 2016, we bought a tiny press and a bag of seeds. We wanted to find out if fresh-pressed oil was more desirable and worth the time and effort to make ourselves. We immediately noticed the difference in the smell and taste of the oil, and of course, we had to share a tad bit with those closest to us. Reactions were the same as ours, and it didn’t take long to realize….we are going to need a bigger press!
Since 2017 we’ve decided that we can help everyone reach that level of freshness in their wellness supplements and that we won’t be beaten on high-quality black seed oil products. Come test for yourself what makes us the most reliable and well-rounded black seed supplement supplier in the area.


A Word From Happy Customers

Lauren – 06/04/2018

The face serum is one of my favorite A Fit Farmer products. I use it on my face after showering and love the way it makes my skin feel, it’s not heavy or greasy. I also like to use it at night because the aroma is calming and since I tend to be congested at night, it helps me breathe easier.

Terry – 03/06/2020

I have ordered two times so far. I can tell a difference so the second time I ordered the biggest bottle of black seed oil with turmeric. They are very nice and I received my order within two days. Great product and great people.