Getting Started

  • One of the first questions people ask is: “How much do I take”?    While there is no official dose, several thousand years of use has worked out an acceptable range. An internet search will produce recommendations from 1 teaspoon through 2 tablespoons per day and more. Starting small and working up is best. I personally take 2 tablespoons per day.
  • How soon will I notice a difference? Generally from right away to 30 days, this can vary widely from one individual to another. If your health is not where you want it to be and you are looking to black seed oil, we can assume you’re dealing with yeast overgrowth (Inflammation) throughout your body. Black seed oil will help; however, black seed oil alone cannot permanently overcome a continuing life time of poor eating habits. You need to re-educate yourself on good nutrition. Paleo, Bali or Plant Paradox are effective dietary guides to good health (See the book “Simply Bali” Dawn Corridore and Jen Harris) or (“The Plant Paradox” Steven R Gundry MD) or (“The Paleo Cardiologist” Jack Wolfson MD) any of these will give you a strong platform for good health. BE DILIGENT!
  • Some people will experience various symptoms of detoxification when starting BSO, this is called “Herxheimer Reaction” and can feel like the flu. If you experience this, know it is normal and will go away, it is the yeast dying off and your body filtering it out. If it is intolerable cut back on your dose some. Click the hyperlink to read more about Herxheimer Reaction. 
  • Basically, you should eliminate most grains and sugars from your diet. (see any of the books above)
  • You need to add or increase foods high in polyphenols (dark colored vegetables and fruit, avoid soy), prebiotic fiber (this feeds your good gut microbes) and healthy fats (the mid chain triglycerides or fats). Black seed oil is a good fat with powerful anti-fungal properties.