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Elixir2Go Water bottles are made of laboratory grade glass and are designed to structurally enhance your water, making it ready for the cells in your body to absorb more quickly!

The nice thing about the bottes is the ability to CUSTOMIZE your water to YOUR body’s needs. As a certified therapeutic Crystal Practitioner and Advanced Crystal Master, I can help you find a  crystal combination that will meet your elixir needs! Email [email protected] and put CRYSTAL ELIXIR as the subject and let me know what you want your water intentions to be: peace, grounding, prosperity, love, dealing with a difficult boss – Just kidding!! Although grounding stones can certainly make the situation  easier.


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We LOVE this water bottle for two main reasons.

First of all, it is made of glass, No more plastic water bottles! And if you break the glass, Gemstone Well offers a LIFETIME WARRANY, you only pay the shipping on a new replacement bottle. No other gemstone bottle manufacturer offers that kind of guarantee, so take your bottle with you everywhere you go.

The second reason is the FLEXIBILITY this bottle offers.  Unlike other companies that only offer pre-sealed pods of their stones (at an exorbitant price), you can add whatever you want to your gem elixir bottle!  Simply unscrew the bottom and change out the crystals.

Some other reasons to choose Gemstone Well bottles: 

  • Drink gemwater every day, anywhere you go - your personal gemstone water bottle is constantly charging your water with gemstone energy!
  • Use ANY gemstones, not just the non-toxic ones - stones don't touch the water, so you're always safe!
  • Combine beauty and function - constructed of high-quality lead-free borosilicate glass, and shows off your beautiful gemstones as well!
  • You get everything you need to get started - 1 bottle, 1 set of gemstones, and 1 protective neoprene sleeve.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 in
Gemstone Combination

Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz, Tourmaline & Clear Quartz, Bottle Only (with custom crystals)

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    I LOVE this water bottle! I’ve always had trouble drinking enough water and recently, after much prodding from my healthy-minded daughter, I made it my mission to change that. However, I still had trouble making myself get into the habit of drinking more. This water bottle changed the game for me! This water is so refreshing, my body craves it. I never knew the tap, filtered, and bottled water I was drinking could be improved so much, but somehow the structured water produced by the influence of the crystals is addictive. Thank you for carrying this product, Fit Farmer!

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