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A Fit Farmer’s Relief!

Our Relief! is the perfect product for those who deal with muscle pain, soreness, and everyday aches and pains. Which let’s be honest, that’s most of us! Whether you work a labor-intensive job, are a fitness junkie, suffered an accident, or are experiencing the joys of aging, Relief! will be a product to add to your daily wellness routine. 

The main ingredients are a mix of our 100% fresh black seed oil, magnesium oil, and a blend of beneficial essential oils. Our black seed oil helps with inflammation and arthritis, and magnesium oil is key in relieving those stubborn muscle aches and pains, cramps, and can even help you get a good night’s sleep! Who doesn’t need or want that?!

Relief! comes with a pump lid making it easy to apply directly where it is needed! Massage it in, and let the product’s healing powers work its magic!

Don’t let your body’s pain get in the way of living your BEST life. Try out our Relief! and get back to enjoying all the activities the pain might have stopped you from before.

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Customer Testimonial – Lauren

RELIEF! has been a lifesaver for my family. My husband often suffers from back and hip pain due to the effects of a traumatic motorcycle accident that resulted in a hip replacement, below-the-knee amputation, and a shortened femur bone. He is an active outdoorsman and handyman working on our property. In his work as a commercial construction project supervisor, he walks uneven, obstacle-ridden massive job sites every day. This leaves him with significant knee, hip, and back pain on a regular basis. He had been going for therapeutic massages once a month, but once we found RELIEF, I am able to keep him out of pain and enjoying all the things he likes to do. I use RELIEF several times a week and i massage his sore muscles and joints at bedtime and he wakes up good as new the next morning! It’s not my massages, trust me, I’m no masseuse. Without a doubt, it’s the RELIEF product! As I teacher, I’m on my feet on concrete floors all day and often use RELIEF to get relief from aching feet. We keep RELIEF in stock at all times. We wholeheartedly believe in its effectiveness!

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