About A Fit Farmer

Our journey to finding better health.

About A Fit Farmer

Back in 2006, a farmer and a teacher were stepping into an unfamiliar empty nest. They were not in the best of health and knew if they wanted to do the things they planned after the kids moved out and run around with their future grandchildren, they better do something to get fit. And quick! Fortunately, they found a wonderful doctor who focuses on root causes and preventative measures and turned their lives around. So the farmer and the teacher started making one of the primary supplements that helped them so much and they lived happily ever after. 

And that’s the story! All wrapped up, quick and easy, like an order from Chick-fil-a.

However, if you are interested in the finer details of our story, read on.

The Journey to Better Health

When we began our journey back to better health, we started looking closely at the supplements we were taking daily. Not all Vitamin C is created equal, or any other supplement, and we soon found out that black seed oil was not either. When a few of the bottles of oil we used made us all feel yucky, we began having questions about the process of getting raw, fresh oil. A visit to the site ImportYeti provided valuable information about company imports. We had to ask ourselves, “How could we get really fresh oil when it takes several weeks for imported goods to cross the ocean?  And how pure is it really, when it is shipped often in metal containers, processed with solvents, or diluted with other oils?” Everything we were eating was as natural and fresh as we could possibly get it – we wanted our black seed oil to be, too.

Let’s take a step back to the health journey that brought us to the point of knowing the benefits of black seed oil. David (the farmer) was the first to take steps to create surprisingly great changes in his health.   He started bringing strange new things into the kitchen, and at the same time removing all the junk we had gotten used to. Sugars, gone! Processed foods, gone! The plastic bowl cabinet was purged and made into a vitamin and mineral cabinet. Those were fun times, let me tell you! Fortunately, Stacey (the teacher) is easygoing and needed to clean up her diet as well, so she went along with the new menu items and started feeling better.      

However, it took David a couple of months to convince her to take the black seed oil. “Take it!” David said. “It will give you more energy, and get rid of all sorts of toxins and yeast you have.” 

“I smelled it,” she said, “I think I’ll pass!” The thought of drinking a tablespoon of oil straight was bad enough, but one that smelled a bit like turpentine didn’t seem like a pleasant thing to do. 

Persistence does pay off, and the family began to notice changes. David’s breathing was better and he was snoring less! He was losing weight consistently and his energy levels were up. During that time, he also gathered research data on all the different areas black seed oil was used for. Just about anything someone was dealing with, he would say, “You should try that black seed oil out.” 

Stacey finally did. She set her shot glass up beside his and got creative helping it go down a bit more pleasantly. Tart juices or a splash of kombucha are her favorites! 

In time, their adult children were using black seed oil, too. In addition, it was becoming popular among those in the area who were beginning or had been on the same journey to a more health-conscious lifestyle. It became apparent that we weren’t the only ones to have some unpleasant effects from taking oil with unknown origins. Questions were being asked. Many were around our table when our family was in for the weekend.  

Something had to happen. Either no more oil, or make our own. The first choice wasn’t an option.

The Start of A Fit Farmer

A small tabletop press, a cleared-out space in the back room, and a few bags of seed later, we were making oil and had some extra to give away. When the word got out and requests started coming in, we had to grab a gear! We needed bigger equipment, lots of bottles, and some kind of label, which really got us thinking.

What’s our story? Who are we? How do we brand our product to reflect that? Which eventually led to – Who got us here? The inquisitive farmer with his persistent prodding to take black seed oil!  The one who wanted his family to have better health so we could enjoy many more years running around, having fun, and doing the things we love. 

Therefore, the original logo design was created to recognize our determined farmer. Stacey and her daughter Arica created the company and on March 30, 2017, and the first official batch of A Fit Farmer black seed oil was pressed.  In 2018, Stacey left teaching behind and became CEO of A Fit Farmer in 2020, while Arica left the company to pursue the joys of being a full-time mom.  

We Think Fresh is Best

There have been changes and challenges along the way but the spirit that began A Fit Farmer remains the same. Our mission is to provide high-quality oil and deliver it to those who value its properties. A mission that has never dimmed.  

Your family and ours are the reason this company exists. 

A Word From Happy Customers

Lauren – 06/04/2018

The face serum is one of my favorite A Fit Farmer products. I use it on my face after showering and love the way it makes my skin feel, it’s not heavy or greasy. I also like to use it at night because the aroma is calming and since I tend to be congested at night, it helps me breathe easier.

Terry – 03/06/2020

I have ordered two times so far. I can tell a difference so the second time I ordered the biggest bottle of black seed oil with turmeric. They are very nice and I received my order within two days. Great product and great people.