Black Seed (Nigella sativa) LINKS

The sole purpose of this page is to provide information and data that describes the benefits of using Black Seed (Nigella sativa) as either an oil, whole seeds, or ground seed.  Anyone who is looking to improve their health has a personal obligation to obtain the best information available.  There are over 700 peer-reviewed articles alone, and thousands of health related websites that promote the benefits of it.  There is no way to list every one of those, so we’d like to share the most common topics asked about at trade shows, markets, and online.    

Once you decide this wonderful oil is right for you, Fit Farmer is here to provide the freshest, cold-pressed product you can obtain.  We press in small batches and send it all across our great nation.  Our mission is to provide a high quality oil, with all of it’s valuable components, at a reasonable price.  You could buy off a large online company for much cheaper, but how do you know how fresh, pure, or volatile the oil really is?

Fresh is Always the Best!